Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning


Junior Years – Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6

Our Junior Years program at Blue Mountains Grammar School provides a positive and secure learning environment where students feel comfortable to develop into curious lifelong learners, confident to attempt new concepts without the fear of failure.  


Throughout our Junior Years, fully integrated and differentiated learning practices are a prominent feature at each stage whilst our teachers and subsequently, our students, benefit from our partnership with Harvard University’s Project Zero team to help ensure a reflective and inquisitive classroom environment from Pre K through to Year 6.


The Blue Mountains Junior School curriculum ensures that all subjects are integrated in meaningful ways. This enables students to apply understandings creatively and efficiently whilst continuing to develop as engaged learners, allowing each child to discover his or her potential and flourish as an individual.


Senior School - Year 7 to Year 12

As students graduate to the Blue Mountains Senior School, they will discover an engaging curriculum, carefully and purposefully developed to recognise and meet the educational needs of adolescents and prepare them for an ever-changing world.


Students are supported and encouraged to be themselves at their best with a strong sense of responsibility for their own academic progress, underpinned by flexible and energetic thinking and learning practices. Critical and creative thinking practices are developed to allow students to handle ambiguity and uncertainty with comfort and confidence.


All students that leave Blue Mountains Grammar School are prepared for life beyond school, be that tertiary study or work, and have the tools to make a positive change within our community. 


Further information on our curriculum is available from the Registrar on (02) 4757 9023 or at registrar@bmgs.nsw.edu.au.