Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Junior Years – Pre-K to Year 6

Benefiting from world class teaching staff, Junior students grow in a child-centred learning environment where every child is known and valued. This facilitates both independent and group learning and fosters creativity and positive interpersonal relationships. Programs are planned, implemented and designed to support each child’s development.


Together with parents, our staff focus on building productive and creative individuals; students who are growing academically, socially, spiritually and morally. There is also emphasis placed on facilitating intra-student support to allow students to help each other in developing their wellbeing with the use of buddy classes and older mentors.


Our aim in the BMGS Junior Years is to develop all children into knowledgeable, empathetic, principled, caring, reflective, open-minded and well-balanced members of the community, ready to engage and thrive in the Senior School.


Senior School - Year 7 to Year 12

Blue Mountains Grammar School has developed and implemented a Student Wellbeing Program, of which student leadership plays a prominent role in order to empower Senior students to flourish in an ever-changing world.


The framework utilises current evidence-based practice in conjunction with a Christian worldview and is based on six elements: Connecting students, Anchoring their own self and identity, Challenging for personal growth and development, Equipping with social and emotional skills, Serving the broader community and those less fortunate and developing Appreciation to encourage gratitude and thankfulness practices.


It is our aim to equip all students that graduate from our Senior School not just with a world class education but also with the holistic and emotional skills to take on the World’s ever-changing challenges with passion and enthusiasm.


Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care programs are delivered through a six-House system, with House Tutors administering these programs to small pastoral groups of ten to twelve students each.


Further information on our Student Wellbeing program is available from the Registrar on (02) 4757 9023 or at