Student Wellbeing 2

Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing is vital to the success of every student in all aspects of their school life and in their preparation for life beyond school.

The essential foundation for wellbeing is based in relationships, developed with staff and other students through a structured program and informal opportunities that have at their core compassion, grace and collaboration from which come courage, committment, integrity, respect and service. 

In the Preparatory and Junior Schools your child’s class teacher is responsible for their welfare. They will keep track of your child’s academic progress and development and give every child the encouragement and support they need to be their best. Outside the classroom, whole school activities, sports carnivals and a wide range of co-curricular activities give your child the chance to develop relationships with other teachers and students beyond their own classroom. These activities both enrich school life and help each child find friends that share their interests.

Each student in the BMGS Senior School is a member of a House, a community of young people in Years 7-12, under the care of a Tutor who provides a link between home and school and is the first point of communication with parents. Together with the Head of House, the Tutor monitors the academic progress and welfare of each student in a mentor-like role, encouraging them to make the most of School life and the opportunities on offer.

Our Student Wellbeing program builds on a range of objectives from faith formation and the fostering of Christian character, to building knowledge and ethical competencies. Our focus is on the character development of our young people enabling them to develop a strong sense of service, courage, commitment, integrity, morality and honour – all attributes required to succeed at School and life beyond.