Music students

Preparatory School Teaching & Learning

Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School provides a positive and secure learning environment where students feel comfortable to become risk-takers in their own learning, confident to attempt new concepts and skills without the fear  of  failure.  We  enable  and  equip  students  to develop as thinkers, communicators and inquirers in order to develop to their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


English is always about more than just reading and writing. Our students engage with quality literature, create and publish their own novels, present speeches and poetry to larger audiences, in addition to learning all the skills involved with handwriting, grammar, spelling, reading, writing, talking and listening.


Students learn to apply mathematical concepts and skills to real life experiences through reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving tasks aiming to build proficiency in the areas of measurement, geometry, number, algebra, data and statistics. We encourage our students to apply their mathematical understandings creatively and efficiently, enabling them to develop a positive self-concept as learners of mathematics.

History and Geography

Through History and Geography, our students learn more about the diversity of people and the environments with which they interact developing a greater appreciation and value of the world around them.

Learning Neighbourhoods

Learning Neighbourhoods is a teaching initiative that was introduced in 2014 for our Years One to Four students. The concept of 'Learning Neighbourhoods' strives to extend and enrich the existing specialist programs of French, Music and Library available at Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School. In 2017 we will also include Technology and PE, utilising the expertise of Senior School Staff.

Science & Technology

Our students regularly enjoy the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiments and scientific challenges. They actively engage in the process of Working Scientifically and Working Technologically in order to test their ideas, develop hypotheses and evaluate arguments based on evidence.

Physical Education, Health & Personal Development

Our PDHPE Live Life Well @ School program aims to get more students, more active, more often, as well as focusing on healthy eating habits. It is based on the Health Promoting School Framework (curriculum, culture and community). The Personal Development strand is supported by the new NSW Board of Studies’ initiative, 'Positive Relationships'.

Creative Arts, including Music

Creativity is valued highly at BMGS. Our students engage in a vast range of activities which include whole school musical productions, video productions and individual drama performances that foster creativity.

Preparatory School students are encouraged to undertake larger artworks that can only be accomplished through collaboration, developing creative teamwork, planning and appreciation of the work of others.

Through the expertise of a specialist Music teacher, our students are given the opportunity to explore the creative language of music. They create musical pieces, work collaboratively as an orchestra, perform as a strings group and participate in choir.

Religious & Values Education

At BMGS, we promote the value of Christian faith and implement an educational program which enables the students to explore the Gospel message and its implications for each of them. Weekly Chapel services are conducted by the School Chaplain.