Preparatory School Student Wellbeing

The Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School, using the skills of its dedicated and talented staff, provides a child-centred learning environment, where every child is known and valued. This facilitates both independent and group learning and fosters creativity and positive interpersonal relationships. We plan and implement programs designed to support your child’s development.

Children in the Preparatory School spend the majority of time with their core class teacher. This is the teacher who has the prime pastoral care responsibility for looking after their welfare, the one with whom they will develop an appropriate caring relationship over the year. The classroom teachers are supported by the Head of the Preparatory School, the School Psychologist, the Chaplain and the Headmaster.

Together with parents, we are building productive and creative individuals; students who are growing academically, socially, spiritually and morally. We are committed to developing our students into knowledgeable, principled, caring, reflective, open-minded and well- balanced members of the community