Preparatory School Opportunities

Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School has a tradition of providing outstanding opportunities for our students.


Music plays a significant role in enriching our lives and providing means of personal expression and enjoyment. Through the expertise of a specialist Music teacher, our students have the opportunity to explore the creative language of music. They create musical pieces, work collaboratively as an orchestra, perform as a strings group and participate in choir. Students also have the opportunity to pursue individual instrumental instruction.


Our students enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures and begin learning French from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 4, with the option of continuing this study right through to their years in the Senior School.


Leadership skills are for all to develop and exhibit. All Preparatory School students get the opportunity to explore their leadership potential and to give inspiration and encouragement to others by helping staff and one another both in and out of the classroom. Our teaching and student wellbeing programs encourage students to be responsible, self-aware and self-confident, to be aware of the needs of others, to value life-long learning, to be active listeners and critical and creative thinkers, as well as excellent communicators. These are all key leadership skills.

Co-curricular Experiences

Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School embraces this tradition by offering a wide range of opportunities including:

•   Gardening              •   Cooking

•   Needlecraft            •   Drama

•   Football                 •   Choir

•   Car Mechanics       •   Writing

•   Basketball             •   Tennis and Cricket workshops

Activities may take place during class, after school, at lunch times or on weekends. Many are age specific and most are seasonal.

Activities, such as sport and camps, will bring students from both the Preparatory School and the Junior School together.



Blue Mountains Grammar Preparatory School teams participate in the following carnivals and competitions:


Years 3-4 - Inter-House, WAS, HICES and CIS carnivals:

Cross Country

Years 3-4 - Inter-House, WAS, HICES and CIS carnivals:


Years 3-4 - Inter-House, WAS, HICES and CIS carnivals:


Year 4 - Local Competition (BMBA):


U6 – U12,Nepean Association


Camping Program

The BMGS Junior and Preparatory Schools have a combined Camping and Outdoor Education program commencing in Year 2 with an exploration of our own outdoor education site on the banks of the Cox’s River. The Year 4 Anglican Youthworks Camp at Port Hacking or Shoalhaven involves a variety of activities such as abseiling, archery, waterslide and Christian Discovery.