Leadership and Service Learning

Blue Mountains Grammar School is committed to the ongoing development of leadership skills and attributes in all of our students, equipping them to lead and serve in their communities, both locally and internationally. This is one of the pillars of quality education in the 21st century.

All students are involved in the Student Leadership and Service Learning program as part of our Student Wellbeing framework where attributes of ‘Servant Leadership’ are embedded and provide an excellent preparation for students entering the evolving workforce. Our students are required to complete a certain number of service hours to the community each year. This varies depending upon the year level.

All students have leadership potential that can be realised for the benefit of others and our leadership programs encourage students to be:

•   more self-aware and self-confident,

•   aware of the needs of others,

•   life-long learners, active listeners and critical and creative thinkers.

•   able to plan and collaborate in diverse teams.

Further leadership development occurs in Tutor Group, the co-curricular and service program, as House Prefects, House Captains, and School Captains or volunteering as a Peer Mentor, giving students the opportunity to learn, to serve and to lead.

Our focus on servant leaders, coupled with a program of service learning, is committed to the growth of individuals and the community they lead and develops purposeful leaders for the future.

There is growing evidence in the business and corporate world that administrative structures embrace flexibility, innovation and collaboration. This requires a shift in leadership structures that can accommodate the rapid changes that occur in a modern, global economy, a scenario for which our students are being prepared.