Junior School Teaching & Learning

At the Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School we are committed to making student thinking visible and developing curious lifelong learners. In partnership with Harvard University’s Project Zero team our teachers ensure a classroom environment that promotes enquiry and reflection.

Integrated and differentiated learning is a feature of the classroom environment in the Junior School. Literacy and numeracy form the core from which all subjects are integrated in a meaningful way that is suitable for the different learning styles of our children of all ages.

In Years 5 and 6 our children are given the opportunity to visit the Senior School Science laboratories to engage in practical investigations under the guidance of a Senior Science teacher. The Sports Centre and its surrounding fields are wonderful facilities for Physical Education, and our Performing Arts Centre provides the perfect learning environment for creative expression.

Our specialist Music teachers provide a wonderful developmental program focusing on performance and expression. A specialist French teacher provides the rich experience of learning another language and our Teacher/Librarian ensures a love of literature and the development of essential information skills. Weekly Chapel services and Christian Studies lessons are conducted by our dedicated Chaplain.

All these learning opportunities complement the high quality teaching and learning that occurs every day in a child’s home classroom.

At the BMGS Junior School we nurture each and every child on their learning journey to discover their potential.