Junior School Student Wellbeing

Being Yourself at Your Best is what we strive for at the Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School. Underpinned by elements of Positive Education every child is encouraged to develop their character strengths in an environment that is both supportive and instructive in helping children develop their resilience, connectedness and empathy.

The classroom teacher is the primary carer for each child during the day. This teacher looks after an individual’s welfare by building supportive and positive relationship with each child. Teachers and children are supported by the Early Learning Coordinator, the Head of Junior School and the Headmaster. The Chaplain and the School Psychologist also play essential roles in supporting and nurturing our students as they learn and grow academically, socially, spiritually and ethically.

Students support each other in developing their wellbeing, with each class having a buddy class so that the younger and older children regularly spend time with each other in class, providing the younger children with a friendly older buddy to help when needed. Students from Senior School are regular visitors in leading wellbeing activities, providing that sense of connectedness that is so valuable in a Pre- Kindergarten to Year 12 school.

Our aim in the BMGS Junior School is for all children to possess enhanced character dispositions that will make them empathetic, principled, independent and valuable members of their community.



All students are given the chance to explore their own leadership potential through our teaching and student well-being programs which encourage responsibility, self-awareness, self-confidence and awareness of the needs of others while valuing life-long learning, being active listeners and critical and creative thinkers, as well as excellent communicators.

All children are afforded the opportunity to serve their community as leaders and contribute meaningfully to their school community.