Co-curricular opportunities

Co-curricular Opportunities


Co-curricular activities are an integral part of life at BMGS and open up a whole new world of experience for students that develop not only their physical capabilities but enhance their imagination, creativity and expressive ability.


Junior Years – Pre K to Year 6

In our Junior Years, even our youngest students enjoy many diverse co-curricular opportunities, ranging from exploring the creative language of music to participating in inter-school sporting competitions from Year 3.


BMGS provides an environment with many rich and exciting activities beyond the classroom, which contribute to ensuring a rich and fulfilling school experience for our Junior Years.



Senior School - Year 7 to Year 12

In our Senior School, co-curricular activities allow our students to develop further the skills they possess and to learn more about themselves. This is very important in building and consolidating character as it allows students to learn about commitment and teamwork as well as building resilience and perseverance.


Involvement in a wide range of activities gives a sense of balance to students’ lives, leading to their well-rounded development and allowing them to form strong friendships.


Further information on our co-curricular opportunities is available from the Registrar on (02) 4757 9023 or at