Co-Curricular at BMGS

BMGS’ co-curricular programs have been developed:

  • to reinforce and enhance the School’s core learning model.
  • to engender situations where students will learn the life skills that lead to resiliency.

The co-curricular program falls into five groups of activities.

  1. Outdoor Education which allows students to develop, self-discipline while learning to work well as part of a team. The School’s location in the heart of the Blue Mountains on the edge of a World Heritage Area gives students access to a wilderness experience with few peers.
  2. Performing Arts facilities and programs provide the space in which young people can learn to understand the creative process and express themselves authentically. Our rehearsal studios and drama theatres accommodate everything from individual tuition to large ensemble work.
  3. Our Creative Arts staff understand how to bring out the best in each student by creating a stimulating environment in which it is safe to experiment while developing an authentic artistic expression.
  4. Our Sporting Program encourages students to pursue their physical development through a wide variety of sporting options which encourage the growth of skills in teamwork, leadership, cooperation and social development.
  5. Special Interest groups, such as CRU, Chess, Debutante Ball, Model United Nations, Photography, Programming, RFS Cadets and Debating sharpen skills, increase understanding, foster teamwork and develop leadership.