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ANZAC Day 2020

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Vision 2020 and Beyond:  Hope in our Hearts, Purpose in our Minds, Courage in our Lives.

In November, 2019, in a special presentation to the School community, the Headmaster, Mr. Ian Maynard, launched his Vision 2020 and Beyond.  

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BMGS - Exploring Our Vision Part 1:  Nurturing Character is the first in a new series of videos we are producing in-house. This series addresses in more detail our evolving vision for our students’ lives. The first in this series outlines the character traits we seek to grow. Subsequent videos will highlight the dispositions that underpin great learning. We believe that together these traits and dispositions are necessary to navigate the challenges and opportunities of life. BMGS teachers are committed to working with parents and students to bring about these outcomes in the lives of our students. We are enhancing the strategies by which this happens at School and look forward to ongoing conversations with parents and students about ways in which the efforts of home and School can be coordinated. I’m certainly excited about where we are headed; I hope you are too.

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