BMGS Parents' and Friends' Association

The BMGS Parents’ and Friends’ Association plays a vital role in bringing the School community together through a range of social functions and fund raising activities. It also provides mutual support for parents as they share the educational journey with their children at Blue Mountains Grammar School.

This is achieved by providing;

  • social opportunities and events for parents and friends of the school to meet,
  • a forum to discuss issues relating to students education and wellbeing and to address shared concerns,
  • opportunities for parental involvement in the school community,
  • fund raising activities to provide additional resources to the school,
  • mutual support between parents to help navigate their child’s school experiences,
  • and, a conduit through which general parental matters can be passed onto the school executive.

At least one evening meeting is held each term at which the Headmaster will be present. Meetings alternate between the three campuses and all parents and friends are most welcome to attend and participate.

The date and time of each meeting, along with other organised events, are advertised in the School Newsletter, the School Portal and on the School calendar, and all parents are encouraged to attend where they can meet and engage with others of the Blue Mountains Grammar School community in a social and friendly environment.

Executive Committee Members:

Chair:  Mr. Michael Magill

Secretary:  Mrs. Yolande Boys

Treasurer:  Mrs Kate Klein

School Representatives:

Preparatory School:  Mrs. Kate Klein

Junior School:  Mrs. Bonnie Mamo

Senior School:  Ms Deirdre O'Hara