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Three Benefits of a BMGS Early Learning Education

Public or private?

It is one of the most pressing questions facing parents. Which school will provide your child with the best start in life?

It is up to you, as parents, to find a school that will provide your child with the best opportunity to discover their potential.

As we know, every child is different. What suits one child may equally be completely inappropriate for another.

To help you in your decision-making process, here are three benefits of a Blue Mountains Junior School education:


  1. The intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of every boy and girl is encouraged so they may realise their potential.
  2. Being Yourself at Your Best is what we strive for at Blue Mountains Grammar. Underpinned by elements of positive education, every child is encouraged to develop their character and strengths in an environment that helps children develop their resilience, connectedness and empathy.
  3. Breadth of choice:
    • Sport
    • Co-curricular activities
    • Partner with the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Cultures of Thinking Project as an effective strategy for maximising student outcomes.

At Blue Mountains Grammar, we nurture each and every child on their learning journey to discover their potential. Book a tour and learn more about our specialist programs at the Blue Mountains Grammar Junior School (Wentworth Falls) or Preparatory School (Valley Heights).‚Äč