Is Your Child at the Right Junior School?

Choosing a Junior School for your child is not an easy task. Public or private… secular or faith-based… single sex or co-educational — the comparisons go on. It is enough to overwhelm many parents.


Is your child at the right Junior School? To answer this question, you might consider these five questions:


1. Does it cater to your child’s needs?

Your son or daughter has a unique set of abilities, interests, strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a school, look for one that caters to a variety of learning styles, academic levels, a range of interests and has the teachers to support the school’s offerings. As your child grows, their interests and motivations will change — you will want to enrol them at a school that can adapt accordingly.


2. Do the values align with yours?

The values of a school are important indicators of what motivates decisions and actions at the school. You want to make sure that they align with the values you teach at home. Look for evidence of the values being lived, rather than simply existing on the school website or prospectus.


3. What is the school’s educational philosophy?

Behind every school and its teachers is a set of guiding beliefs that influence what and – more importantly – how students are taught. A school’s educational philosophy will give you an idea of how strategic decisions are made in the school, how curriculum is designed and how staff is recruited.


4. Is there a wide range of co-curricular programs?

A holistic and well-rounded education is especially important for Early Learning aged students. Find out what arts and language options are on offer. Are the co-curricular programs designed to support the development of leadership skills? How about resilience, connectedness and empathy? A good Junior School curriculum should have a holistic approach and create meaningful experiences for children through a wide range of co-curricular programs at the Junior School (Wentworth Falls) and the Preparatory School (Valley Heights).


5. Is it a practical choice?

Once enrolled, your child will do five return trips a week to and from the school’s location. Make sure that this trip is a practical one. Whether it is by car, bus, bike or foot, travel times and mode of transport will greatly influence your child’s day. Your choice of school should fit well with your lifestyle and existing commitments.


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