Young Authors publish their first paperback!

For the past ten weeks, students in Year 1/2P at the Preparatory School have been busily writing a 21-chapter book about the adventures of Frog and Toad.

Each student in the class penned a separate chapter, together with an illustration, culminating in a thoroughly entertaining paperback which was launched on 22nd November by their classroom teacher, Mr. Andrew Phillips.

During the launch, and to the delight of the audience who filled the Preparatory School Library to capacity, each member of the class read an excerpt from their individual chapters.

Following the launch, our young 'published authors' hosted a book signing for parents, peers and Staff, 

In addition to developing their skills in composition, editing, illustrating and proof reading, that such a project incorporates, this was a wonderful vehicle through which the students' imaginations and creativity could be captured and shared for the enjoyment of all.

Prep Stage 1 Book 2